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Today’s interview is part of my blog’s miniseries focusing on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wedding industry in Massachusetts. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to interview a few unique wedding additions. Introducing, wedding vendors, David, and Beth Salzman, at Espresso Dave and Fun to Eat Fruit, Blair Mitchem at BAM Events, and Kris Nuhfer at Quiet Corner Cookies. Keep reading to see what they had to say about the pandemic, their businesses, as well as their predictions and thoughts on regulations moving forward.

A little about the interviewees of unique wedding additions…

David and Beth are the owners of Fun to Eat Fruit and Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering. At FTEF, they imprint fresh fruits with a couple’s monogram or message, which can even be used as decor. At Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering, they offer espresso carts and pop-up specialty coffee bars at events throughout New England. They serve the best made-to-order hot, iced, and frozen cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, and mochaccinos; as well as frozen fruit smoothie bars, hot chocolate bars, and Italian soda bars. Above all, they also develop signature espresso drinks for couples’ event themes, season, or hobbies. These also come with personalized menus and custom beverage toppers.

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Blair is in the wedding planning and custom gift industry in Boston. She provides wedding coordination as well as event bar-tending and service. She specializes in personalized and tented weddings as well.

Kris is a creator of custom-designed cookies for all occasions. For weddings, she makes delicious edible place cards, favors, and additions to the dessert table.

Love these unique wedding additions

Without further ado, let’s get into the interview…

How has the pandemic impacted your business? Have there been any upsides to this?

Kris: Everything I had booked was canceled for 2 months, however it is slowly picking back up. Lately I’ve been focused on passion projects and reworking some business strategies.

Dave & Beth: [Our fruit business] was greatly affected by the pandemic [but] we’re happy to report we’re up and running now. We’re guided by the CDC and state food service protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic, there seems to be a renewed focus on staying healthy. [For our coffee business,] we experienced only a few cancellations because our service is very affordable and because we can serve outdoors! [We’ve] had more time to network with wedding vendors throughout New England via Zoom and social media! It’s been tremendous to learn about ways to implement COVID-19 precautions. In addition to discuss the impact of the pandemic on our industry with vendors experiencing the same challenges.

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Blair: Lost income, no wedding season, [and I’m] pivoting to something smaller. [Positively, I’ve been] connecting with competitors.

What do you think the effect of the pandemic will be on the wedding industry as a whole. Or what do you hope will happen?

Dave & Beth: Together, we believe that when the pandemic subsides, those of us still working in the wedding industry will have lots of success due to the tremendously pent up demand for our services. In addition we hope that the wedding industry comes back bigger and better than ever. Subsequently, we also hope that the feeling of “we’re in this together” continues among wedding vendors! #LoveIsNotCanceled.

Kris: Smaller scale, more intimate weddings.

Blair: [I hope] that we bounce back 10 fold.

What regulations or precautions do you think should be put into place before moving forward?

Blair: State [regulations]. Above all, Nothing more.

Kris: Not qualified to answer that! 😂

Dave & Beth: We feel that wearing protective masks as well as frequent sanitation should be fundamental. Especially for anyone working with food products. Not just during a pandemic. We are 100% in support of the CDC and state food service guidelines. Therefore we all need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at events.

We definitely are all in this together, just as Dave and Beth suggested. In conclusion, I agree that one of the best ways to bounce back from this pandemic is to work together.

Thanks so much to Kris, Blair, as well as Dave and Beth for their time and answers. It was great connecting with you all and learning about your own experiences during the pandemic. Stay safe! p.s. love the unique wedding additions

In conclusion, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the Part 2 interview with more unique wedding vendors, which will be publishing soon.


~ Nancy


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