Lipstick and Lipliner 101 | The Final 101 Series Post!

This is the final post in my Makeup 101 series! Lipstick and Lipliner 101

You’ve probably heard that you can wear lip liner without lipstick, and vice versa. However, I find that they complement each other beautifully, and even help your lip color to last longer.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss!

You may be wondering, “What IS lip liner?” I’d like to answer that in depth. Lip liner, essentially, can help to:

  • Make your lips look fuller and/or more symmetrical
  • Help lipstick to last longer
  • Add dimension to your lips
  • Help lipstick to not “bleed” onto other parts of your face (i.e. around your mouth)

Lip liner

It isn’t an essential by any means. It’s definitely optional and more of a personal choice kind of thing (like all makeup, but especially with this). I do recommend it 100% when using dark lipstick, red lipstick, or any other lip color that’s super noticeable and/or more prone to spreading or “bleeding”. I always recommend trying to match your lip liner to your lipstick shade exactly, and only going one shade darker than your lipstick at most.

As for lipstick,

This is where it gets more in depth. Lipstick is, again, another personal choice; for lips, you can use either lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, or even lip liner by itself. If you do choose to wear lipstick, there’s currently two main formulas available: regular lipstick, and liquid lipstick (which is often drier and longer lasting than regular lipstick).

There are many textures of lipsticks available, as well. There’s buttery, cream, matte, shimmer, glitter, solid colors, metallic…the list goes on. My personal favorites are buttery and creamy lipsticks. I recommend matte lipsticks for all-matte looks; shimmer, metallic, and glitter lipsticks for holidays/parties; and solid colors for everyday. Buttery and cream lipsticks are also a safe bet for everyday, though it depends on the color.

Speaking of color…

The best lipstick shades, in my opinion, are pink, nude, and red. As I’ve said in the past, colored lipsticks (such as purple, blue, etc.) are really only wearable during celebrations or when dressing up in costume form, especially if you’re more mature in age. I do love to let my wild side free sometimes and try something new, but if I’m going to be running errands or at work, I personally avoid anything *too* crazy. 🙂

There is one problem with traditional lipstick though, it kisses off! So try using a LipSense Shade! Contact me and I can help you pick a shade!

Also! You can never go wrong with a nude lipstick. They’re universal. The one thing I do recommend is to not match your skin tone too exactly, as it can make you look washed out (I know from experience!) However, a lipstick shade around 2 shades darker than your skin tone looks GORGEOUS, and goes with pretty much any makeup look you could dream up. As I always say with makeup, the possibilities are endless!

Want to schedule a makeup lesson with me to discuss and learn more about lipstick and lipliner? You can contact me at to learn more.

Thank you for reading. I’m so grateful and so glad I got to share this makeup journey/series with you!


~ Nancy

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