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Makeup Expiration Dates and the Big Makeup Clean-Out

When you spend $27 on a tube of mascara, it can be painful to toss it right after 3 months of use. But, makeup expiration dates are extremely important. It’s not the same as the orange juice in your fridge that is probably fine within a few weeks of the “use by” date… this is expired makeupmore comparable to week-old, chunky milk… Don’t ignore it!

After a certain amount of use, makeup bottles are exposed to tons of bacteria that will taint your product. You can expect issues from break-outs to illness, none of which are very “pretty”.

So, a common question I hear from clients is, when should you throw out your makeup? And the truth is, it varies.

Check the expiration, but don’t rely on this date. Unopened makeup could last for years, but as soon as you expose the product to air, bacteria will begin building up. Typically, doctors suggest renewing liquid eye makeup within three months of use (though this is very conservative). If you feel like living on the wild side, you can probably stretch this out to four/five months, (but not a year)! It is recommended that you replace liquid foundation from 6 months to a year, and lipstick once a year. One good rule of thumb to live by, if it smells foul, throw it out! Heat and other factors can accelerate bacteria’s growth, so pay close attention to odd odors. has great advice on the subject. They suggested, “the more moisture the product has, or the closer it comes to your eyes, the shorter its life span.”  The closer the product comes to your eyes (i.e. mascara, liquid eyeliner), the greater the risk. (“Risk” being bacterial infections that could cause serious damage).

Since polluted makeup can cause breakouts or irritation, try purchasing slightly less-expensive brands so you won’t feel emotionally attached. Or, consider splurging on fragrances that have a longer shelf life of 8 to 10 years.

Makeup Expiration Dates

Always remember that your health is the top priority, and to restock your makeup consistently! For new product information or makeup advice, contact me at for a consultation. I look forward to working with you!

I’d love to hear from you! How long do you wait before you replace your mascara?

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