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7 Tips to Rock your Makeup with my Glasses

Your big day is coming up, or maybe you’ve been scheduled for a new headshot for the website at work.  Either way, you’re looking in the mirror and wondering, how am I supposed to wear makeup with my glasses?

Glasses are a glamorous and useful part of the daily look for most of us.  But you don’t have to feel like you’re hiding back there – instead, use your makeup to make your look pop!

Read on for my go-to tips for photo-ready makeup with glasses.

makeup with glassesNeutral eye shadow

With glasses, eye makeup with glasses takes a bit of a backseat.  This keeps your eyes from competing with your frames, but also makes it less likely you’ll get makeup on the inside of your lenses.  Opt for a neutral shade of eye shadow across the entire lid but be sure to choose one that flatters your eye color and skin tone.

Striking eyeliner

Even if you have a neutral shadow, girls with glasses should always go for a deliberate eyeliner.  Choose a dark shade that coordinates with your eye color – navy, purple, brown or black – and add a generously thick line to both your upper and lower lashes.  This accent will shine through from behind the lenses and give your eyes the pop you want.

Waterproof mascara and eyelash curler

To avoid makeup with glasses disaster, plan ahead with your mascara routine.  Always use a waterproof formula – unexpected moisture, even high humidity can cause your mascara to flake off or smear on your lenses – disaster!  Stick with black mascara as other shades can be lost behind your frames.  Also, be sure to curl your lashes upward, so they don’t rub on the inside of the lens – a must if you have long lashes.

Attend to your brows

Glasses draw the attention to the eye area, making your brows take center stage.  Make sure you carefully shape your brows to follow your natural brow line.  If they’re thin in any area, you can gently shade them with an eye pencil.  Finally, use a clear primer to keep unruly brows in place no matter what the day might bring.

brides in glasses

Hillary Colleen Photography

Under-eye correction

As glasses tend to add shadows to your eye area, you want to be sure your undereye is as neutral as possible.  When wearing makeup with glasses, be liberal with your undereye correction, but stick with products designed for undereye concealing – no red lipstick needed!

Pop a bold lip

When you’re sporting makeup with glasses, you want to accent your features differently than without.  When completing your look, go for a bold, beautiful lip color.  The dramatic contrast with the frames against your face will make an intriguing and flattering distinction. This is no matter what your complexion.  Be sure to line your lips with a coordinating shade to help keep your dramatic lip in line.

Coordinate with the color of your frames

Beyond the eyes, also think about how your cheek and lip color coordinate with the shade of your frames.  If you have a softer colored frame – say tortoiseshell, tan, white, etc. – keep an eye and blush colors softer and more neutral.  Black frames can hold up to dramatic color, so don’t shy away from a bold lip or flushed cheek.

There’s no reason you can’t look glam in your photos, even in your specs!  By choosing the right features to accent with the right products, you won’t be afraid to wear makeup with your glasses again.




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