A Makeup Look That Can Beat Your Age

Are you struggling to look young? Looking good has no age bar, however. Whether you are at your 50s or 60s, applying the right makeup can make you look much younger. Above all, before you mess up another makeup look, find out some useful tips that can beat your age.

Begin with your eyes

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Always start with your eyes instead of the foundation as this will reduce the risk of excess makeup settling in your fine lines and wrinkles. Brighten the inner eye corner to make you look fresh. If you have discoloration problem, you can use a color corrector underneath your concealer for hiding your dark circles. Try dotting pencil eyeliner along the upper lash line and smudge with a pencil sponge. Avoid bright eye-shadows like blue, pink or green and opt for lighter shades like mauve, peach or violet to give a classic look needed after a certain age. 

Use less foundation

Prioritize on natural glow rather than loading up on light-reflecting formula. Look younger by opting for as sheer of a foundation as possible matching your skin tone and use pinpoint concealing for any discoloration.


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The minimal use of powder

Settling on the wrinkles and fine facial hairs that grow as you get older, powders can make your skin appear dry. Except to use a little powder to set your eye concealer and eliminate shine, forget dusting it all over with a big fluffy brush. 


Peach blush

If you want to enjoy a more youthful look, go for a peach blush. A too dark or too light blush can look clownish. Use cream blushes and buff with a brush instead of your fingers to create a faint flush across the fleshy part of your cheeks. Avoid going too low as it can give a dragged face look. 

Focus on your brows and lashes

Look younger by building soft, full and feathery brows. A tinted wax or fine-tipped brow pencil and brow mascara can do best. In addition, give your lashes a good curl and then use lengthening black mascara for a younger look. 

Natural Lip Tint


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Go for soft berry shades for lighter lips or a rosy-tinted one for brighter ones and apply with your fingertips. You can overdraw the lip line a little to get plumper and younger lip looks.

A strategic makeup application can actually make a huge difference on how young or old you look. Therefore, once in place in the right way, you really don’t need to focus on anything else.

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