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Biggest Makeup Purchase Regrets

I like to experiment with new makeup and cosmetics.  Sometimes I find something fantastic that makes my life easier and makes my clients look amazing.  Other times…not so much.

Today I’d like to share my biggest purchase regrets and why. And even though I regret buying them, I’ll also share the best part of these products, just to be fair.Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

These palettes are beautiful.  The colors are striking, and I was instantly drawn to them.  I slid them into my kit and pulled them out on location.

And it was a disaster.  Even before I dipped in my brush, the palettes were covered with the fallout and I had to gently sweep extra dust out of each shade.

When applying, it was very difficult to keep shadow powder from creeping or dusting over cheeks.

If you are swayed by the shades of these palettes – keep them at home!  You’ll still have a lot of excess powder coming out, but hopefully less mess.Marc Jacobs Face I

Marc Jacobs’ “Face I” Brush

I didn’t expect this to be one of my purchase regrets.  I have several Marc Jacobs’ “Shape” brushes that I love for use with foundation.

Unfortunately, it was pretty clear after just a few uses that the “Face I” and I definitely were not going to be friends.  With every sweep across the face, bristles were popping out of the handle like crazy.

Skip this one and skip the hassle.  But don’t let it turn you off from some of their other brushes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette again looks impressive – the colors are bright and cheerful.  I envisioned eyes perfectly highlighted and glowing.  In practice, not so much.  I spent a ton of time trying to blend shades for the right effect to no avail.  The texture wouldn’t blend well, and the overall effect was far too bright and harsh for New England complexions.

If you have plenty of time to work with the colors, this might the palette for you.  For me, trying to create beautiful faces in a short time, it was one of my purchase regrets.Viseart Grande Pro Palette

Viseart Grande Pro Palette

Like the Anastasia of Beverly Hills palette, I was swayed by the colors in this palette.  Again, I was disappointed.  First, it was incredibly messy.  Extra color was crumbling all over my brushes and the workspace.  The colors were also contaminating each other in the palette.

Once I finally got them on the brush, they were again hard to blend.  I wasn’t able to build colors together for a better match like I wanted, which was pretty disappointing.  And, the overall effect was shockingly bold.  While these might be great for a more dramatic makeup look, they didn’t really do what I needed them to do.MAC Pigments

MAC Pigments

In general, I’m a huge fan of MAC products.  And these lovely pigments called to me.  Their attractive shades and perfect shine drew me in.  And then, there I was on location with clouds of loose powder sprinkling everywhere while I worked.

Going to a holiday party?  Prepping for girls’ night out?  These are lovely!

If you’re in a rush or working with clients, skip these.

I buy a lot of makeup products – some are winners, some are losers.  I hope by sharing my biggest makeup purchase regrets, I can save you the hassle and disappointment! However, if you have had better success than I have, let’s hear about all the good! Comment below!

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