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Wedding Beauty Dos and Don’ts

As the wedding day draws near, you’re probably thinking a lot about pulling your look together.  For some brides, it can be tempting to do something dramatic as the wedding excitement builds.

Unfortunately, some of these choices can go awry, creating a wedding day disaster.  To make sure you look your best, and avoid a potential calamity, stick with my list of wedding beauty do’s and don’ts below.

Hydrate skin

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Please Do  Wedding Beauty

Keep your diet clean.  While you’re probably stressed, do what you can to avoid stress eating.  Loading up on salt or sugar will trigger breakouts and water retention.  Neither of which look great on your wedding day.

Hydrate.  Proper hydration is important every day, but sipping on water in the days leading up to your wedding will help your body manage stress, keep breakouts away, and help manage bloating.  Get your 64 ounces per day for beautiful skin and a healthy glow.

Shape those brows.  Likely eyebrow plucking or waxing is a regular part of your routine.  While you do want to shape up your brows before the big day, don’t leave it to the last minute.  Instead, book an appointment with a pro 3 – 4 days before the wedding.  Any redness or swelling will be long gone by then.

Moisturize and (gently) cleanse your skin.  To look glowing and youthful in photos, you’ll want skin that’s well moisturized and free of blemishes.  Think also about your neckline and arms, if they’ll be exposed in your dress.

Please Don’t

Tan.  Not only is tanning bad for your skin in the long run, but it makes wedding day beauty tricky.  No matter how careful you might be, tanning Tan linesleads to tan lines.  These lines can be nearly impossible to conceal, especially those around the eyes.  The result can be less healthy glow, more artificial than you’d hoped.  Also, skip the spray tan.  It doesn’t look natural with your other features and can give you a weird skin tone in photos.

Cut or color your hair.  This recommendation is all about avoiding a hair disaster.  There have been way too many brides with botched hair color or a funky cut on their wedding day.  If you’re cutting or coloring too close to the wedding, there isn’t time to fix a problem.  Instead, shoot for a trim and color (if you want) at least a month before.

Change your skincare routine.  Just prior to your wedding is not the right time to start experimenting with skincare products.  You never know when something new will cause a breakout, or worse, an allergic reaction.  Instead, stick with what you know and what works for your skin.  Save the experiments for after you say I do.

Over exfoliate.  While I highly recommend exfoliating gently 3 – 4 days before your wedding, don’t overdo it.  Harsh chemical exfoliations (especially if you haven’t used them before) can leave your skin looking dry and red while it recovers.  Scrubbing too vigorously or exfoliating too often can have the same effect.  Instead, be kind to yourself, and stick to your usual routine.

To make sure you feel yourself and look your best on a wedding day – prepare!  Follow these do’s and don’ts to arrive at the altar looking like the glowing bride you are.

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