Moods and Makeup: Planning the Perfect Fall Wedding

Ah, fall weddings. Hints of persimmon and burgundy, burlap accents and hay, jewel tones and bright reds – there are many directions you can take your autumn nuptials. Sometimes, when stuck in the endless process of decision making, it helps to have inspiration and suggestions to guide you.

The last thing you should be doing is struggling to make the best choices for your wedding. To help you along the way, I’ve put together this “mood board” of ideas for your wedding, including some tips on the best makeup you can choose for your big day.

 The DressFall Wedding

 Some may say this is the most important part of the wedding day. It makes you feel like the beautiful, blushing bride that you are. So, is there a specific style that may work best for your autumn affair?

Lacey and Versatile

 Want a ceremony dress that doubles as a more comfortable and workable reception outfit? Consider something lacey with a removable chiffon skirt. The lace pattern is big for fall weddings, especially when coupled with a layer of nude fabric.

Flower and Whimsical

 Fall may not be known for its flourishing flowers, which may make this dress style more popular during the season. Similar to a simple lace dress, a floral dress is decorative and full of layers of tulle for an elegant look. There is no shortage of variety as these whimsical dresses come in V-neck, cap sleeve, or with a high neckline.

The Makeup

 Your dress is only half of your autumn wedding day look. It’s the makeup that’s really going to make you shine, and during the fall season, there are a few styles you can choose from.

Bronze All the Way

 Bronze, gold, and jewel tones are the hues of the fall season. Why would you not try to mingle them into your wedding day makeup? Don’t go overboard with the bronze, but let it kiss your cheeks and accentuate your eyes. For the lip color, a glossy pink will stand out from the bronze glow.

 A Bold Lip ColorFall weddings

It’s your fall wedding day, go bold. Your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and blush should be light, but also make your skin glow. The draw should be to your lips, which will be painted with a deep red. Think candy apple to allude to the seasonal tradition of apple picking.

 Smokey and Mysterious

 If there ever were a time to go dark with a smokey eye, it would be for your fall wedding. Stick to neutral colors for the rest of your face, including your lips, and choose a dark smokey eyeshadow that’s going to accentuate your eye color and make them the focus.

 The Venue

Autumn gives you a lot of freedom when decorating the venue. Warm colors, vibrant floral arrangements, various linen colors, sparkling beverages, and seasonal cuisine, and even the spooky touches of Halloween can really separate your fall wedding from others. There’s a lot to cover, so sit tight for a moment, take notes, and read on.

Flower Ideas

 Outside, leaves may be falling to the ground, but there is still a great variety of flowers that work with the fall season. Believe it or not, but fresh fruit can be part of your floral arrangement. Think of seasonal fruits like pomegranates and grapes to capture the colors of fall. Of course, apples are a great pick, especially if you’re incorporating them into your cuisine. Seasonal flowers like dahlias, ranunculus, and calla lilies will liven up your space.


There are telltale signs that autumn is upon us, and the colors of the season are pretty noticeable. Try incorporating them into your affair in the linens with burgundies, coppers, golds, and plums. Don’t go too crazy mixing and matching colors. Two rich colors can really make your venue space pop.

The Food

 Yes, even your choice of food can be seasonal. Granted, your entrees can be the typical choice of fish, chicken, or steak, but there are ways to make the affair more seasonal. Mulled wines, candied apples, toffees, ciders, and pumpkin flavors scream autumn. Liven up the alcohol selection and make it seasonal with high-end whiskeys and bourbons. With a matte lip color, you won’t even have to worry about leaving a smudge on the glass.

With these ideas in mind, you’re on your way to having your fall wedding planned the way you want it.

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