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Makeup Rules for Redheads

Makeup Rules for Redheads – how to look glamorous and simple

Redheads who rock glamorous red tones in your hair isn’t for everyone.  But for those lucky to enjoy natural red locks or those interested in joining the ranks, red hair requires a different touch when it comes to makeup.

A lot of the old rules for redheads and makeup have been thrown out, thanks to improved makeup formulations.  However, there are still some guidelines redheads can use to make sure their makeup and hair blend seamlessly.

Face Makeup – Less is Morenatural bride near me

Most redheads have incredibly fair skin.  If you fall into this camp, then you want to be sure to keep your face makeup sheer and light.

Here are some tips for a glowing and effortless face:

  • Cover any trouble spots with color correcting shades. Blue and pink undertones or marks will stand out against red so be sure to spot treat these areas.
  • Use a sheer tinted moisturizer or other lightweight foundation makeup. Aim to match your overall skin tone, rather than the shade of your freckles, if you have them.
  • Avoid bronzer. Bronzers tend to offer dense color that both fights with red hair tones and looks inauthentic.
  • Keep it natural. With so much strength in your hair color, your face should be neutral and natural.

Balancing Tone – Cheeks and Eyes

For most redheads, cheeks and eyes are all about accenting without high contrast.  You’re looking for shades that add interest, but that work harmoniously with the skin, hair, eye and eventual lip color.

Peachy shades generally work well with red-haired women – but pink can be tricky.  Choose a sheer, blendable cheek formula to keep the accent light.

For eye shadow, choose a color that accents eye, skin, and hair tone.  For example, blue-eyed redheads should choose a cool neutral color, while those with warmer eyes should choose warm shades.

When highlighting eyes, stay away from black eyeliner which can look harsh and unnatural.  Blue, purple, and chocolate shades still accent the eye but without the contrast.  Don’t be afraid to go for a sexy cat eye for a bit of contrast and flair.

No matter what, always stick with black mascara on lashes.  With a more muted eyeliner, it gives your eye the drama you want without looking overdone.

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Popping Color

Against a neutral face, redheads shouldn’t be afraid of strong color, but it should be strategic.  In most cases, the best place to land a pop of color for redheads is the lips.

Don’t be afraid of peachy corals, bright reds, or shades with purple undertones.  However, you might find that if you choose cooler eye shadow shades, your face needs a warmer lip to contrast.  The opposite is also true – warmer eyes can handle a cooler lip color.

The only true color a redhead should avoid is orange – everything else is fair game!  Even neutral shades are a great choice for redheads.

No matter how you rock your red, remember when it comes to makeup, balance is key.  Work with your hair rather than against it and your inner glow will always shine through.




Here are some video recreations of wedding looks I’ve done for red hair brides!


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