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Airbush Wedding Makeup: Is it right for you?

Turn off your selfie filters ladies! You won’t need them during your wedding week if you opt for airbrush makeup on your big day.


This method of makeup application was only available to makeup artists for celebrities and models, but now it’s available to the public.  Like a photoshopped photo, airbrushing gives you a flawless and natural look while providing you with good coverage. Enough coverage in fact, that it can be used for tattoo coverup.


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The airbrush, similar to those used by artists, sprays a fine mist of color. This light application creates even, flawless makeup results.



Why Choose Airbrush Wedding Makeup?

Top Quality:

Professional makeup artists have used this method for years with celebrities and models. Have you wondered how actresses always look perfect at events and photoshoots?

Flexible Coverage:

The airbrush “gun” delivers a light mist of makeup. So, unlike most foundations, you can create a variety of looks varying on how many layers of foundation you choose. Achieve everything from a natural look to a full-on diva effect by adding more layers of foundation.


Ordinarily, you only apply 1-2 coats of foundation.  If you happen to sweat or smear it, then your makeup is nearly wiped off!  Multiple light-layers with airbrushing prevents this sort of meltdown. Let’s call it “makeup insurance” if you will. Remember, this is the makeup that holds tight to Beyoncé during her concerts. If it works for her, it’ll work for you!

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Flawless Appearance:

Airbrush makeup won’t look caked on, and you can apply more or less depending on the area. You can easily cover scars and imperfections without using too much coverage on the rest of your face. This will leave your complexion looking natural and fresh.

My advice is to also read this blog I wrote a few years ago!


In addition to applying foundation, airbrushing is not only used for foundation, but also blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow. As mentioned earlier, it’s also a winner for tattoo cover-up makeup.


Where Can I Get It?

Many wedding makeup artists have airbrush tools on hand for special occasions. Of course, if you choose to DIY, some beauty stores carry airbrush kits or you can find them online.

BUT Should I Do it Myself?

The equipment and quality makeup that is compatible with airbrush systems can be pricey. In addition, the airbrush technique requires lots of time and practice to master. 

If those thoughts are discouraging approaching your wedding day, a professional wedding makeup artist may be the better option. Save time and stress by hiring an artist for your event. Free consultations are available, email nancy@makeupbynancy for more information or to schedule an appointment! 



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