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Makeup Tips to Reflect the Best Polished Version of Yourself

We all know how to put ourselves together on a daily basis, but what about those occasions when you need a more polished look?  Interviews, formal gatherings, first dates, meeting his parents.  These are the events that make us up our game a little.

A polished look is just that – it’s your fine silver polished to its original, and best, state.  Think royal family.  Don’t worry – we’re here to help you get it just right.

Makeup tips to create that enviable polished look:

Start with your skin 

If you don’t do anything else, at least do this step. You can’t look flawless with bad skin, so start by focusing on yours.  You know what you need to do and have been putting off.  Exfoliation, deep pore mask, moisturizing, plucking, waxing and whatever else it takes to get to that perfect blank canvas we can work with.

Classic Makeup 

Don’t apply makeup that is louder than your personality.  The classic look is always a go-to for any situation you can’t afford to mess up. You don’t want to go overboard, but you also don’t want to look like you didn’t care enough to try.  Here are the high-level basics:

Foundation: Keep it light and check the color in a variety of lights to make sure it perfectly matches your skin tone. 


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Concealer: Use it only where you absolutely need it.

Eyeliner: A cat eye is always in style but stick with the style you know how to apply best.

Eyeshadow: Natural tones that are just a bit darker than your skin will enhance your eyes without making it look like you tried too hard.

Mascara: Mascara is a must but keep it light and either black or brown.

Blush: Applied lightly and in a natural shade that just gives you a pop of color on the apples of your cheeks.

Lips: Lipstick or lip-gloss in a natural tone work equally well for the polished look.  If you are comfortable you can pull it off seamlessly, take it a bit more classic with a flattering shade of red.

Nails: The whole idea of the polished look is that everything is clean and in perfect shape.  That includes your nails.  Make sure they are clean, shaped, and stick with either natural or red nail polish in a shade that matches your lips. Natural is always the easiest color to hide any mistakes or chips, and it goes with anything.

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So, we’ve covered the polished look for your face and nails.  Obviously, if you don’t complete the look with some really classic, put-together clothes and a sleek hairstyle you have missed the point of polished, but we’ve at least helped you put your best face forward with these makeup tips.

Now, deep breath… got this!

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