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Massachusetts Wedding Make-up – All About Airbrush Makeup

Massachusetts Wedding Make-up – All About Airbrush makeup

In the world of makeup, people often think that airbrush makeup is just perfect for them. They think so because:h

  • They have cystic acne scarring
  • They have bad acne in general
  • They have flaky skin
  • They think it will stay on longer

I sometimes find myself sounding like a broken record when talking to people about this, but the fact of the matter is this: Airbrush is not a problem solver for hiding all skin problems. But I will get into that shortly.

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Let’s start from the beginning and revisit what exactly what airbrush is. Airbrush is pixilated dots of color so your own skin shows through, light and clean but with continued passes and layering, can also cover or create more colors. It is also Sanitary because of its Touch-Free Application as it eliminates the necessity of brushes, sponges so there is never any risk of cross contamination.


Sounds great, doesn’t it? Believe me it is! But in reality, it’s great for people that have fair – good skin to start, but if you have any kind of texture to your skin, fine lines, if too dry or even too oily, air brush will not flatter. For that reason, I would recommend using manual makeup that will look just as beautiful.

Are you concerned about long wearing? Have no fear. I professional makeup artist knows that no matter which method of makeup you use, the length of how long your makeup stays on for is all about the skin prep prior to makeup application. Not whether or not it’s airbrush or not 🙂

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