Peabody-MA-Wedding – An Autumn Wedding at Smith Barn

Peabody-MA-Wedding – An Autumn Wedding at Smith Barn

Peabody-MA-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-Nancy.006Photography by Pizzuti Studios Photography

Wedding location – Smith Barn, Peabody MA

You never know when you are working as a wedding makeup artist, who is paying close attention to you, your style, your mannerisms and your kindness. Back in March of 2016 I was doing a wedding for a bridal party in Dracut MA and was having a wonderful time with all the girls and we hit it off like a moth to a flame!


It was around the time I was working on the final bridesmaid of the day when she said to me “you are real.” Now some of you might not know what that means, but I sure did. I truly appreciated that comment be cause I always try to be myself and offer reassurance that the day is going smooth. It was not even 2 months after the wedding that she contacted me to book me for her very own wedding makeup! I didn’t even know that she was engaged!


Best coffee/tea cups ever!!!! Thank you to Pizzuti Studios Photography for capturing such unique shots!

There were a lot of fabulous personal touches to this wedding, I’ve asked Sarah to tell me a little about everything!

One of the questions I asked was her inspiration for the basket of blankets!

“About 4 days before the wedding, I looked at the forecast and saw that the high would only be about 60 and we were having the ceremony outside in the morning. I started freaking out that everyone would be too cold, we’d have to move the wedding inside but then I saw this 24 pack of blankets on Amazon so I ordered those with my Prime account. They got here 2 days before the wedding. I already had this basket holding my blankets in my living room so I put them all in there. After the wedding, we brought all these blankets to the Lowell Humane Society.”


              It sure looks like those blanket’s came in handy!

Sarah, please tell me about your jewelry, it looked very unique

“The earrings, I just wanted a bit of color so I found the blue ones on Etsy. For the bracelet, I wanted to tie my silver earrings and my gold hair piece together so I found that on Etsy too. The necklace was given to me by Mark’s aunt. It was her mother’s (Mark’s grandmother’s). She passed away about 2 years before the wedding so that was very special. For my engagement ring/wedding band- Mark had them specially designed to look like an elf’s ring from Lord of the Rings because we are geeky haha. Also, for the girls- I got each of them a different animal charm necklace form Etsy to go with our theme.”
The rest of the photo’s I’ll let tell there own stories! Thank you again to Mark and Sarah for sharing there story. Also HUGE thanks Rick Pizzuti for sending me the images to use!
Peabody-MA-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-Nancy.002 Peabody-MA-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-Nancy.0021

Sarah’s gorgeous hair was done by Steph Geib who works at Dellaria Salon in Kenmore Square.

Isn’t this braid absolutely gorgeous?


Love this shot of me putting lashes on my March 2016 bride Michelle!


This lovely lady has also recommended me to some of her friends weddings! Thanks so much Kylie!


Sarah, please tell me, what inspired you to do plaid shirts for the girls getting ready?

“I wanted something for us to wear to make sure we could take it off without our hair getting messed up. Michelle got us robes for her wedding and 3/4 of us were in that wedding so I wanted something different. Also, since it was a relaxed fall wedding, I thought it would be fitting.”

Sarah’s gown was from Vows and the girls dressed were from 


Sarah’s godmother was the officiant this day! Such a lovely woman inside and out. I had the pleasure of also doing her makeup!


After the wedding, I put 2 and 2 together and realized that the groom, Mark, graduated high school with my oldest nephew. A small world we live in.

Peabody-MA-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-Nancy.0013 Peabody-MA-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-Nancy.0013 Peabody-MA-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-Nancy.0010 Peabody-MA-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-Nancy.0017
 Most the vendors aside from a few of us were family that helped with the wedding! Thank you so much and hope you enjoyed reliving Sarah and Mark’s wedding again with me!

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  • Rita Bryand

    Thanks Nancy! None of us are ‘over the top’ make up ladies, and you captured exactly what we wanted. The pictures and notes bring back some of my fondest memories – thanks for being a part of them!

    September 18, 2017 at 12:18 pm

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