Makeup vs. Plain Face: The Wedding Saga | Makeup by Nancy

Makeup vs. Plain Face: The Wedding Saga | Makeup by Nancy

Some women don’t like to wear makeup or fear they won’t look like themselves when walking down the aisle if they wear too much. When it comes to deciding to use makeup vs. plain face at your wedding, the choice should be obvious. 

If you’re not convinced of the advantages of makeup vs. plain face we have several excellent reasons for you to consider. 

The Advantages of Makeup 

  1. You are paying someone a lot of money to take pictures of the event. While plain face may work for selfies, it isn’t ideal for photos you intend to keep until the end of time. 
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  2. Minimal makeup can be used to give you a natural look while providing your skin tone and complexion a boost. Using makeup vs. plain face doesn’t mean you have to change your look completely. It can be used to present a slightly improved you. 
  3. You can enhance your best qualities. Do you love your eyes or your lips? Accentuate them with colors that will make your favorite features stand out even more than they do naturally. 
  4. Weddings are kind of like stage productions. Most of the audience will not be close enough during the ceremony to see your features, so as in theater, it helps to make your features bolder and visible to your guests. 
  5. The advantages of makeup aren’t just about your physical appearance. It can also have a confidence-boosting effect, which is exactly what you need as you make that long walk in front of everyone you know. 
  6. This is also a big day for your betrothed. Give your partner the best you possible, leaving them in awe of your beauty. 

You may never enjoy wearing makeup on a daily basis, and that is fine. The critical thing to consider when deciding on makeup vs. plain face on your wedding day is that this is a once in a lifetime event (or at least we hope so). 

Use the advantages of makeup to perfect your look and take in the confidence you need while all eyes are on you. 

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