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Wedding Makeup Styles – 5 Popular Trendy Beauty Techniques

Wedding Makeup Styles – 5 Popular Trendy Beauty Techniques

Wedding Makeup Styles – 5 Popular Trendy Beauty Techniques

There are many trendy makeup styles, but not all of them are appropriate as wedding makeup.  On your special day, all eyes will be on you, and you’ll be getting some of the most important photographs of your life taken to remember the event.  Be sure to choose a style that will you will be happy to look at for the rest of your life.

How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Styles

Which style you select must be based on the following factors:

  • Your Wedding Theme

    Kiss the Bride Wedding Photography

The world won’t end if you have a very traditional wedding planned and decide to wear a very edgy makeup style, but it will be a bit jarring for your guests and may not provide the best photo results.

  • Your Wedding Location

Imagine this: you go for a style that is very bold and glamorous, but your wedding is taking place on a beach.  Your heavy makeup will seem out of place with the casual vibe of a beach wedding.

  • Your Gown

You should also take a cue from your wedding dress when deciding on the type of wedding makeup to wear.  Think of it as using one style of makeup for the daytime at work, and another type of makeup for partying after hours.  Clothing often informs the makeup colors and styles we choose.

  • Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone will dictate the colors you have to select from, just as it does in your everyday makeup routine, and your big day is no time to start trying out new things.

Five Types of Makeup Styles That Are Perfect for Your Wedding Day

  • The Classic Style

You can’t go wrong with a classic style, which involves very basic colors that complement your skin tone and usually includes either a pink or red lipstick.

  • The Natural Style

Many women are opting for a more natural look these days.  It is barely-there makeup that appears as though you aren’t wearing any but improves your look and complexion.

  • The Bohemian Style

This is for those of you that want something a little more casual. It is similar to the natural style but gives you a slightly more sun-kissed and glowy look to your skin.

  • The Bold StyleIpswich Country Club

Some women believe “Go big or go home!”  If that is your motto, then this is the one for you.  It takes the classic look and adds more makeup.  And then a little more. It might involve a smoky eye and dark lipstick, but however it is done, it will definitely get you noticed.

  • The Modern / Edgy Style

This is for the cutting-edge bride who goes to Paris Fashion Week events and is on top of all the latest fashion trends.  This is not for the faint of heart and may include bright colors and unusual lines that you would see on the runways, not on the streets.

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