Holiday WishList

Makeup You MUST Have in Your Holiday Wishlist

How often do you hear, “You’re too difficult to buy for!” during the holiday season? Though they know you love makeup, you always receive a gift card to Applebees. Avoid facing another year of unused gift cards and give them a hint they can’t ignore – a holiday wishlist!

Building the perfect holiday wishlist isn’t that easy, though. Especially with so many makeup options out there. The first thing you’ll have to do is sift through your current product to see what essentials you need. Then, you can add more luxurious items. To help you build up that wishlist, I have a few suggestions sure to appeal to the makeup artist within you.

Pink Lip ColorsLipSense Lip Colors

The holidays bring about a concern that the right liquid lip color can rectify. That’s right, I’m talking mistletoe. Have you ever been under the mistletoe, worrying about your gloss rubbing off on your suitor? LipSense Liquid Lip Colors don’t transfer. That should give you peace of mind for that lovely holiday tradition.



SeneDerm Daytime or Evening MoisturizerSenederm Skincare

Dry skin is an issue so many of us deal with. This holiday season, ask for the remedy. SeneDerm Moisturizers for day and nighttime applications keep your skin hydrated. Vitamin E prevents cell oxidation and botanicals reduce natural oil production to prevent dry skin. Use the SP-15 daytime cream to protect from the sun and the evening one to repair damage done during the day.

EyeSense Liquid Eye Color

Why stop at the lips? EyeSenses Liquid Eye Color is waterproof and smear-proof, giving you a bold, fade-resistant look. There’s no limit to the looks you can score with EyeSense and its smooth application is more than gift enough this holiday season.

LashSense VolumeIntense Waterproof Mascara

Don’t you want your lashes to pop among all this new makeup? Then you need to ask for LashSense VolumeIntense Waterproof Mascara. As the name implies, you won’t be worrying about this mascara coming off, even in a torrential downpour. With this mascara on your wishlist, you may have long, defined, curly eyelashes coming down your chimney.

make sense foundationAnti-Aging Foundation

We’re all trying to fight off Father Time. Why not look good while doing it? Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation is your answer to battling back those wrinkles. You’ll also be able to perfectly match your skin tone. Available in a collection of shades, one of these anti-aging foundations is exactly what you want to find in your stocking.



SenseCosmetics Brush Cleaner

You’ll want to keep your brushes clean to apply all of this new makeup you may be getting. SenseCosmetics Brush Cleaner uses a mix of natural and artificial ingredients. The brush cleaner conditions natural and synthetic bristles to keep them soft.

Fooops! SenseCosmetics Color Removing Wipes

Okay, so cleaners aren’t typically an exciting gift to open. However, these convenient wipes will keep your skin clean and fresh. Lavender-scented wipes remove oils and dirt and leave your skin hydrated. There won’t be a spot of SenseCosmetics left on your skin.

Stop putting the gifts you receive up to chance. Build yourself a wishlist of makeup and skincare products and share it with those closest to you. It’s the best way to have a fruitful holiday that doesn’t end in a trip to the store.

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