Same-Sex Weddings – “I DO”

It has taken a very long time for same-sex couples to be able to plan their dream wedding. Now the LGBT community grows every year and many weddings need to be planned.

To make your wedding day extraordinary it is always recommended to hire a professional hair and makeup artist. Usually, all eyes are only on one bride but with same-sex weddings, all eyes will be on two brides, which means both of the brides need to look extra fabulous.

I am a supporter of same-sex weddings, I don’t judge and I am a believer that we love who we love. So be with the one you love!

It’s time to get your wedding makeup ready!

Same sex weddings

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Even if you usually don’t wear makeup, on your wedding day you can wear as much as you want because you need to look amazing.

Every good makeup artist will make sure that your face looks great on your wedding. Not only at your wedding but especially in all the wedding photos. So if you will look at these wedding photos twenty years later – you will still be in love with your look!

A good foundation and excellent concealer are key for great makeup. It is important to hire a makeup artist to match your exact skin tone and to make sure your makeup stays until the last guests leave your wedding party. Don’t forget that you will probably sweat and maybe even cry.

A makeup artist will help you choose the right colors for your individual look and will make sure that your eye shadow color and lip color matches your entire appearance and your personality.

The most important thing when doing your wedding makeup is that you look like yourself and you feel like yourself. Of course, you will shine more than usual but that’s the point, isn’t it?

same-sex wedding makeup

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Planning a wedding is definitely one of the most exciting and thrilling things in your whole life. It is important that you plan ahead so everything goes smooth and exactly as you imagined. That is why it is important to get your outfits early, to find the right location, to book the service on time, to think about who to invite and who better not to invite, to pick a theme, to choose your wedding party, to plan your honeymoon and don’t forget to hire a professional makeup artist who knows your needs and makes sure that you look like a celebrity on this very special day of yours.

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  • Catherine

    What a great article Nancy! I know when I got married having my wedding dress and look planned out way in advance helped! M

    June 19, 2019 at 9:20 am

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