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TOP 3 Reasons to Avoid YouTube Makeup Tutorials

sTOP 3 Reasons to Avoid YouTube Makeup Tutorials

Women who are 25 and older probably learned to do make up the good ‘ole fashioned way… from your peers. Now try and think back… how did that go? Personally, this did not work out in one of my friends favor as she was mimicking the popular girl’s bright blue eye-shadow, harsh black eyeliner, and cakey orange bronzer.

Thankfully her mother brought her to a professional for lessons prior to high school!

Nowadays girls are learning via YouTube. Although this may be a step-up from learning from the other 13-year-olds, it is not ideal. Here are my TOP 3 reasons to avoid virtual makeup lessons.

YouTube can be misleading…teen makeup fails

We’ve all experienced Pinterest fails and the same goes for YouTube. Have you ever wondered why these tutorials seem just too easy?

A majority of these videos are clipped and edited, not truly showing the entire process, leaving you struggling and confused. Keep in mind, there are also techniques you need to learn before attempting a complex skill.

For example, learning to blend correctly before trying out a faded smoky eye.

You’re not necessarily learning from a professional

This may come as a surprise but… just because someone has a thousand followers doesn’t mean they’re actually a professional. Sure, there are some famous celebrity makeup artists with interesting channels.

The majority of online tutorials are being shot by the girl-next-door. Although her makeup looks nice, she isn’t necessarily well-versed on actual technique.

Remember, a makeup artist goes to beauty school… so ask yourself, is this influencer really certified to teach? Like most things, learning the wrong way can create an adverse effect. Next time stick to a certified, professional artist to assist you with your makeup routine.

YouTube is not individualized

One of the biggest issues with learning from blogger tutorials is their techniques are not customized for you.

It’s vital to realize that your makeup must be tailored to you and your traits. However, if you do turn to a tutorial, try to find a model who has a similar look; preferably someone with the same skin type, ethnicity, coloring, face-shape, and weight, which will help you narrow in on what styles will be the most flattering for you.

In addition to finding techniques that accentuate your features the best, be sure to keep your makeup age-appropriate. Young teens should keep it simple with natural and subtle makeup, while middle-aged women may focus on highlighting and contouring, which creates a bright, slimming, youthful appearance.

Little girl pageant makeup – I think they may have overdone this!


little girl pageant makeup


Here’s a photo of a teen whose makeup I did for senior photo’s. Simple and natural. She looks like herself

senior photo makeup

Ebacher Photography

Throughout this blog series, I keep and keep on reiterating one simple but important point: makeup shouldn’t disguise you, it should enhance you. If you look in the mirror and see a completely different person, you’re not being true to yourself. Embrace who you are because you’re perfectly unique!

Schedule a consultation or makeup lesson with me and discover what makeup techniques will enhance your look! Contact here for availability.

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  • Catherine

    Nancy, great article! So true, it’s not individualized. I actually tried a lOOk from a you tube make up tutorial.

    April 27, 2019 at 1:07 pm
  • Angela @ Dream Life Initiative

    Great read! Im a hairstylist and i watch TUTORIALS of the girl next door “teaching” how to do balayage andi get so aggraVated because their terminology and Statements are incorrect leading viewers down a path Of expensive color

    I appreciate the videos with disclaimers that they in fact are licensed professionals and work in a salon. Do not try this at home 👍🏼

    April 30, 2019 at 6:46 am

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