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Top 5 Wedding Vendors that are Worth the Splurge

Top 5 Wedding Vendors that are Worth the Splurge

When it comes to your big day, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness and spend every last dime that you (or your parents) have. Sure, in a perfect world I would take a Prince William/Kate Middleton style wedding cake, say “I Do” at a celebrity venue in Tahiti, and spend thousands to book the best band in town. But truthfully, as much as I cherish every moment from my wedding day… it was just a day.

So, staying mindful that you shouldn’t try to keep up with the Jonas’, what should you invest your money on? Even if you’re level-headed and budgeting, some aspects of your wedding deserve to be the best! Here’s my list of the Top 5 wedding vendors that are worth saving up for:

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As I mentioned earlier, your wedding day is just a day. What you will have forever are the memories and the photos. After your honeymoon, when the last thank-you note is delivered and you’re officially a wife… you will be clinging to those photographs! Be sure to book an experienced photographer, preferably with a second shooter, so you have every tear-drop documented. You’ll be amazed to see how much went on behind the scenes that you missed out on… your photos will last a lifetime, invest in them!




Sometimes less is more when it comes to flowers, so I’m not suggesting you spend a hundred grand on a wall of peonies. BUT, there’s nothing worse than a poor florist. Think grossly oversized bridal bouquets that are dropping half-dead roses down the aisle. (Yes, I’ve witnessed it). Meet with your florist ahead of time to see their portfolio, express your vision and get a table sample. Don’t be afraid to voice if something is wrong—the bride is the boss!!


Take it from a real bride: In hindsight, I wish I wasn’t as concerned about the price of my dress, and more focused on how comfortable I was in it” –Erin H.

When you have an entire wedding to plan, it may seem that the clearance section at David’s Bridal is a good place to save a buck. And hey, kudos if you can find the perfect gown there! But the key is finding one that FITS and is comfortable for a very long day. I’ve literally had clients pass out during their reception because their dress was too tight. Others who couldn’t dance because of the super-tight, mermaid-cut gown. Consider the event location, weather and season. You need a dress that looks great but is also practical for the event, so you can enjoy your big day!


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A talented hairstylist is not something to cut corners with on your wedding day. In addition to looking your very best, an experienced stylist will make sure your hair won’t fall or frizz long-term. What if it rains heading into the chapel? Windy during your first-look photos? Consider all of the obstacles and choose a hairstyle that will roll with the punches!


Similar to hair, it’s important that your makeup is done well and sure to last! Think of all the kisses, tears, and maybe a little sweat thanks to some awesome dance moves! The investment is worthwhile, considering you can relax when getting ready, and you don’t have to stress about needing a million touch-ups!

Choose a professional makeup artist that is updated on current trends, yet tailors to fit your look. When you book with me, we will talk through your vison and set a trial run to ensure you’re happy with your makeup ahead-of-time. Check out my portfolio and read my client reviews. Call today to schedule a meet-and-greet!  J

In the end, after all the craziness, how you look in your photos is what you and your hubby will have for the rest of your lives, consider that investment when booking these vendors.

Here’s to Happily Ever After!

Check out my list of preferred vendors.


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