Six Steps to Apply Lipstick the Right Way

It’s glossy; shimmery; matte.  It’s dark; bold; creamy; it’s nude.

While lipstick trends are constantly changing, the process we use to apply lipstick hasn’t changed that much.  Following these tried and true steps will keep your lips looking lush for longer, but few of us know what we’re supposed to be doing with our lipstick.

But, with a few tweaks to your routine, you can get more out of your lipstick and look more polished and fantastic each day.

Here are my six steps for lovely lipstick, whether you’re headed for the grocery store or a glam evening party.



Not only is loose and dry skin on your lips annoying, but it keeps your lipstick from looking it’s best.  To apply lipstick the right way, you want to slough off dry skin.  There are specific lip exfoliators you can buy or use an old toothbrush to gently remove dead skin cells.

Use lip balm.

Once your lips are buttery smooth, you want to lock in moisture with lip balm.  Choose a light formula for use under lipstick to keep the color from wiping away easily.

Line lips.

Lip lining is one of the trickier steps when you apply lipstick.  The key is to follow the natural line of your lips in a shade that coordinates with your lipstick color.  Your lip liner should never go beyond your lip to keep your pout natural looking.  You can also use a brow pencil as a lip liner – the color will be softer and less harsh.  If you’re using a very dark shade of lipstick, feel free to fill in your lips with your liner to create a base for the color to come.

Choose the right product.Lipsense Lipstick near me

There are countless lipstick formulas available today in just about every color.  Choose a color and formula that work with your style and your routine.  If you aren’t interested in reapplying often, choose a waterproof or long-lasting formula.  LipSense color lasts all day, so you never have to worry.  If you prefer a lighter look, go for a tinted lip balm.

Apply lipstick with confidence.

Once you’ve lined your lips, it’s time for the star of the show – the color!  Fill in your lips and gently smooth them together to distribute the pigment.  If you tend to apply lipstick a bit unevenly or you end up with it everywhere, use a brush to apply.  This gives you more control, and you can move more slowly.  Layer your lipstick to build up color without overdoing it.

Add gloss as a topcoat.Seacoast-NH-Wedding-Makeup-The-Best-Wayto-Protect-Your-Lips-in-the-Winter.002

Unless you’re going for a matte look, adding a layer of lip gloss over the top of lipstick can add needed shine and dimension to your lips.  The gloss makes your lips look fuller, and it adds a barrier over the lipstick shade itself.  Using gloss can help your color last longer as you can get away with reapplying the gloss to protect the color underneath.

That’s all it takes to make your pout stand out from the crowd!  No matter where your day takes you or what your style, with these six steps, you’ll always be ready to look fabulous.

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