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Unleashing the Inner You Through the Power of Makeup | Makeup by Nancy

Unleashing the Inner You Through the Power of makeup | Makeup by Nancy

Unleashing the Inner You Through the Power of Makeup | Makeup by Nancy

Women have always been the fairer sex on this planet. However, that doesn’t stop us from working hard to maintain that allure we have. The allure designed to secure our partner of choice! Since early times, various plants and minerals have been used to enhance our natural looks. Women took advantage of what was available to them. This included the highly pigmented juice from beets and red berries. While this might not be their common, women used them to get healthy pink cheeks and lips of youth.Newburyport-ma-glam-wedding-airbrush-makeup-by-nancy.009

The power of makeup to transform our looks and improve our confidence is absolutely incredible. It gives us the ability to enhance those traits we feel good about while minimizing the appearance of those attributes we don’t like. It has always been a powerful tool affecting women’s self-esteem. However, the products available to us for use have evolved manifold in the past few years.

Plastic surgery and other invasive procedures have also come a long way in recent times. They have also become more acceptable as options to improve our looks. However, makeup is the one thing available to every woman that is inexpensive, efficient, effective, and non-invasive to make a difference in how we feel about ourselves.

What Are the Basic Benefits of Makeup?

  • At a minimum, makeup can give us a fresh and even complexion. You may rest assured to look fresh as ever even if you haven’t had much sleep or haven’t followed your skincare routines.
  • Makeup can cover bruises, scars, and discoloration. Those who suffer from eczema and rosacea depend on the power of their makeup to help them maintain a normal skin tone that doesn’t attract unwanted attention.
  • In cases of the most extreme skin conditions, makeup can allow someone to go outside and face the world. People can now wander without feeling like a freak, or unattractive in a world of so-called good looking people.
  • Makeup indicates a sense of self-care. It is mostly attractive to others and may form an essential part of loving and cherishing oneself.
  • Makeup can be a form of self-expression. We can become a starlet from the 1920’s or a bombshell from the 50’s, all with the use of a little eyeliner and lipstick. The power of makeup allows us to be anyone we want to be.
  • Even men have begun to recognize the benefits of makeup. In the 80’s, rock stars started a trend of wearing makeup. That trend has slowly become more globally accepted as men attempt to create the same illusions women have for centuries.

Those who do not feel a need to take advantage of the benefits of makeup are commendable, but they are the minority in the world, especially among women. Women like to celebrate their beauty and enjoy the advantages it can provide. Makeup has been, and most probably, shall be one of the most powerful tools we have found to do just that.

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