Five Top Styles of Makeup to Consider for Your Bridal Party

Five Top Styles of Makeup to Consider for Your Bridal Party

Five Top Styles of Makeup to Consider for Your Bridal Party

You have handled all the big decisions.  Now it is time to get down to the details.  You want to look stunning as you walk down the aisle but let’s not forget the importance of your bridal party makeup.

You don’t want to be a bridezilla, but your wedding party will be in most of your photos.  You’ve most likely chosen their dresses or at least a color theme for them to follow.  Why would their makeup be any different?

The Importance of Bridal Party Makeup

You love them dearly, but that doesn’t make them makeup artists or ensure they understand the best makeup styles for weddings.  There are particular styles of makeup that are appropriate for weddings.

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Are any of these women in your bridal party?

  • Garish Girl

Most of us have at least one friend who tends to go overboard with everything.  She does an okay job day-to-day, but this is a special occasion and she’s going to pull out every stop.  You don’t need a clown standing next to you at the altar.

  • Plain Jane

This is your friend who doesn’t believe in wearing makeup – ever.  She will happily arrive on your big day with a plain face and no makeup at all.  You admire her for her confidence, but that just isn’t going to cut it for your wedding.

  • Colorblind Girl

She tries.  Really hard.  But no matter what, and no matter how many tutorials she watches, this poor girl never gets it right.  Her colors are off, her lines are sloppy, and with a shaky hand makeup application just isn’t in her wheelhouse.

Don’t leave it to chance, because they most likely won’t recognize the importance of bridal party makeup until it is their big day.  Select a style that goes along with your wedding theme and has a trial makeup party.  It will be fun!  Just don’t hand out the champagne glasses until after they have finished with their faces!

 Bridal Party Makeup Styles

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The Five Best Makeup Styles for Weddings

  • Natural

This appears as though you aren’t wearing any makeup but improves your look and complexion.  It will enhance your party’s natural beauty without stealing the scene from you.

  • Classic

You can’t go wrong with a classic style, which involves very basic colors that complement your skin tone and usually includes either a pink or red lipstick.  You just have to find the right shade for all of your bridesmaids and you will understand why this is one of the best makeup styles for weddings.

  • Bohemian

This is all about taking your natural beauty and making it glow.  It is about bronzed sun-kissed skin and shiny highlights.  Also flattering to all, this is a pretty simple look to achieve.

  • Bold

Some women believe “Go big or go home!”  If that is your motto, you might want to seriously consider having someone you trust handle all of your bridesmaids’ makeup to avoid a catastrophe.

  • Mermaid

The Mermaid starts Bohemian, and then adds a little glitter to really make your features pop.  It is possible to go too far with glitter, so be sure you can reign it in when the glitter pots come out.  This is a wedding, not a disco party.Salisbury Wedding Makeup

Now that you understand the importance of bridal party makeup you can decide if you trust your fate to your friends or if you want to bring someone in to help out.   Either way, have a trial party so you can see what to expect and don’t be taken by surprise on your wedding day.

Those are you Five Top Styles of Makeup to Consider for Your Bridal Party

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